Is the book out now?

YES! It is now available at Amazon. It was born on June 12, 2013. It is a flirtatious, witty, good-hearted Gemini.

Will the book be available outside the U.S.?

Yes! It will be available through Amazon’s international outposts.

What about the e-book?

A Kindle edition is here.

Can’t I just read all this over at NOGOODFORME.COM?

Some of it. Long story short: NOGOODFORME.COM got hacked and now the material from mid-2008 to 2012 is gone. It sucks. So now most of my contributions to the site live on through ALL THINGS GLORIOUS AND TRUE. But also: nearly every essay has been revised, updated and/or expanded in some way. And there is lots of new content as well.

Can I review your book?

Sure! You can go to the Press & Publicity Materials page for more info.

Are you doing sales or special promotions?

Yes, I’m lining them up now. Amazon will generally have a discount off the list price. But I will be offering some promotions exclusive to my newsletter peeps at my author site, too, so you might want to sign up if you’re interested. It’s a monthly missive sent around every new moon, featuring news, love letters + other not-on-the-blogness, and I consider it my best, most intimate and heartful writing.

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